Self-Storage Units for Business

Are you a budding entrepreneur that needs a cheap base of operations with convenient access? A storage unit may be the right solution for you! Are you an established business that needs extra space or even downsizing your operations? Then a convenient storage unit may be the right solution for you! Many new small businesses run a “mobile office”, meaning all they really need is a phone, a laptop and some place to store their business related items when not in use. With convenient access and a fraction of what it would cost to rent a building for your business you can keep your overhead costs low.

Why choose a storage unit for your business?

Convenient – Storage facilities are just a short drive from home!

Economical – Compared to a brick and mortar building the cost savings are substantial.

Adaptable – Need more storage or less as your business grows? Not a problem with storage units!

Secure – Storage facilities are typically more secure than commercial buildings.

No Long Lease – No long term leases or CAM & Taxes.

Flexible terms – Pay only when you need it. Great for seasonal businesses.

Drive up access – Easily retrieve items from your locker.

Having a central location would not only speed up the daily routine it gives any staff you might have a gathering place that won’t irritate your neighbours. Some home owner associations actually prohibit running a business out of your home if it involves a lot of traffic or equipment stored in your driveway and yard.

Many of our business storage clients tell us they enjoy the separation of the business from their home life. Having items at a storage unit not only frees up extra space at home it allows you to relax and focus on your home life when all your equipment isn’t a visible constant reminder of work.

What kinds of businesses are ideal for a storage unit? Any business that needs extra space really but there are a few types of businesses that fit the storage unit lifestyle perfectly.

Landscapers – Why store all of your equipment in your driveway and worry about security when you can relax knowing it is in a locked storage unit! As much of a landscapers equipment is seasonal a storage unit is a great way to store items in the winter when not in use. Flexible rent durations also give you extra storage when you need it and reduced overhead when you don’t!

E-Commerce – Home based E-Commerce businesses can have a lot of stock sitting around the house. As your business grows and your garage space becomes too small storage units are a great way to handle the overstock on an “as needed basis”!

Contractors – Don’t fill your garage and lawn with your equipment when you can free up extra space at home.

Offices – Are your file boxes slowly overtaking your business? Store those files and free up extra space. Do you have computer equipment or office furniture taking up valuable space? Store them! Did you buy extra office supplies to get that great deal and don’t have anywhere to put them? Store them with us!

Displays – Do you participate in industry trade shows and need to store your display? Store those large displays with us and they won’t get damaged and will always be ready when you need them!

Sales brochures & samples – Did you order extra sales materials to get a great price? Store them with us and they are always readily available.

Non-Profits & Charities – Most non-profits don’t have a large office but do run a lot of charity events. A storage unit is a great way to temporarily store those advertising materials or charity auction items!

Relocating & Renovating – Are you moving your office or renovating your current premises? Make the whole process a lot easier and temporarily use a storage unit to make the job easier!

Make sure your current insurance policy holder is aware you are storing your equipment so you have adequate coverage.

Remember to choose us for your self storage needs in London, Ontario!

We hope you gained some extra knowledge you didn’t already have about renting storage for your business. Please contact us at Forest City Mini Storage and we will be happy to answer any additional questions, and give you pricing on available storage units in London, Ontario.