Safely Pack Your Plates

How To Safely Pack Your Plates

Use smaller boxes – When choosing a storage container, use a professional moving box rather than one from the grocery store.  Purchase a moving box that is small but will fit your plates vertically.  When it comes time for moving the boxes the smaller lighter boxes will be less stressful for you to move.  Remember you can always find the right box at Forest City Storage.

 Space Fillers – One of the most important things when packing plates is to ensure there is something to fill the space between the plates as well as space between the container and the actual plates.  There are a variety of different packing materials such as bubble wrap or even foam wrap.  While some choose newsprint, it doesn’t offer much in terms of support as well the ink may stain your dishes.  Forest City Storage has dish packing sets that have cardboard spaces as well as foam wraps for your plates.

 Proper arrangement – Ensure your plates are vertical, it will minimize any vibrations that could cause chipping or cracking.  Also try and group similar sized plates together; this will minimize unnecessary movement between the plates.

 Packing Separately – When you pack up the kitchen plates, make sure you do them separately from the pots and pans as they are heavier and more durable, but they can also chip and break your plates.

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