Fridge Storage London Ontario

How to Store Your Fridge Properly & Avoid Damage

  1. Time and a Manual Help – It is important to give the fridge time to air out before moving it into storage.  Removing the doors speeds up this process and makes it easier to clean inside and out
  1. Choose your cleaners carefully – Hot soapy water is great for the outside of your fridge, but the interior needs water and baking soda.  Don’t use abrasives or harsh cleaners as they can scratch the plastic and stainless steel.  Put an old toothbrush to work in the corners and door seals.  Cleaning the back coils and tubing make sure it’s unplugged and use a vacuum or soft cloth.  If your fridge has water/ice dispenser make sure to drain the holding tank.
  1. Move it like a pro – Most refrigerators weigh 250-300 lbs.  Take out all the drawers and shelving, and have a dolly handy.  Tilt the fridge slightly, slide the dolly into place and slowly set it level.  If you tilt too far it may push the compressor fluids into the condenser.
  1. Use smart storage strategies – Make sure you remove the door.  Keep drawers from collecting dust, store them upside won inside the fridge, place hardware in a bag and put on the shelves.  Toss a clean sheet over the fridge to keep dust from entering while in storage.

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