Ho To Store A Mattress

How to Properly Store a Mattress


Protective Barriers

Most common damages to mattresses can be avoided by providing a protective barrier.  A mattress bag is a quick and effective solution.  These durable bags will protect against pests, dust and moisture.  They are available in multiple sizes and are quite cost effective.


Preventing Rips and Tears

When actually moving the mattress into the storage unit, rips and tears can occur, especially on the corners and edges.  You can prevent this by padding the corners, if you apply cardboard over each corner.  The cardboard should be secured so it doesn’t fall off or shift.


Importance of Placement

When placing the mattress in the storage unit, it is important to make sure you do not drag the mattress and to lift carefully.  If you place the mattress on a skid it will allow breathing room between the mattress and the floor.  This combined with putting a protective barrier should prevent mould, mildew and other common problems associated with storing mattresses.


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