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Free Up Space and Store Seasonal Items


Renting a storage unit is like adding an addition to your home! Keep your seasonal items safe and secure during the off season and storage them with Forest City Storage in London, Ontario. Storage unit prices are less expensive than you think!


Clothing – When you store your clothes during off season it frees up valuable closet space.  Keep it simple by storing heavy jackets in the summer and bathing suits, shorts in the winter months.


Cooking Utensils – Cold weather is the time for soups, stews and roasts.  Summer is great for steaks, burgers and kabobs.  If you change your cooking style, why not store your bulky pots and pans until you are going to use them.  Save space in your kitchen cupboards.  In the winter store your bbq.


Maintenance Equipment – Don’t let your lawnmower take up valuable space in your garage. Park your vehicle in the garage so you don’t have to clean it in the winter! Store your snow blower for the summer months so you’re not tripping over it.


Holiday Decorations – Decorating for the holidays is a fun tradition in most families.  Although they look great when it is time for them, they are an eye sore sitting in a corner during the off season. 


Other Equipment – Whether you have a large yard or tiny store out of season patio furniture and outdoor kids toys to avoid the clutter in your yard. Some children’s toys crack or fade in harsh Canadian winters.


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