Storage Mistakes

4 Common Storage Mistakes

Going In Without a Plan

Although you cannot get lost in your storage unit, finding things shouldn’t be a treasure hunt either. Sketch out a floor plan before you start packing, and things you’ll want to be able to easily retrieve. Moving the things you will use most often last will make them easily accessible. Be sure to plan several pathways to get around your storage unit easier.

Getting Boxed In

Cartons, crates and cardboard boxes take up a lot of room, it is tempting to stack them from floor to ceiling. This method makes it harder to reach things not to mention the perfect setup for a interior avalanche. Pay attention to how you pack the boxes, make sure they are completely full so their tops won’t cave in, and store heavier items in smaller cartons.

Giving Bugs A Break

By the time you see the first cockroach or moth, his cousins have already made a comfortable home in your belongings. If you dust around baseboards and into corners with boric acid , will be more effective than insect spray. Lavender repels months or cedar blocks and smell a lot better than moth balls.

Forgetting The Small Things

Did you empty the gas out of your lawnmower? Is the toaster really crumb free? Overlooking the less obvious details can result in the unit smelling or serving up a bug buffet. Make sure you store your electronics with the batteries removed.

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